Increase your sales with digital PoS advertising

Imagine this scenario. A customer walks into your quick service restaurant or convenience store, intent on buying a $5 sandwich. While waiting in line, he looks up at your digital PoS advertising system and plays a trivia game. He then sees an ad flaunting your new personal pizzas.

“Hmmm, that sounds really good. I, think I’ll have that”, he thinks. Then he sees an ad for Sunkist orange soda — something he hasn’t had for years.

By the time he reaches the counter, his $5 sandwich order has become a $9 complete lunch: personal pizza, Sunkist, and Entenmann’s chocolate chip cookies for dessert — and you just took in 80% more than you would have without PoS advertising.

Obviously, not every customer will change his or her order simply by seeing some ads. But many will. Studies have reported that 63% of people notice and remember digital ads they saw at the point of purchase. That’s more than any other medium.

And since our digital advertising system costs you nothing (in fact, we pay you for allowing us to install it), why not give it a try?

Sell more products, improve your customers’ shopping experience, and get paid to do it! Call 973 744-2900 or fill out the information request form to get started.

What types of businesses qualify for no-cost POS digital advertising systems?

While virtually any business can benefit from digital point-of-sale advertising, not all businesses qualify for our system. The first concern, of course, is that the business is located in our service area. Presently, our network covers the metropolitan areas of:

  • NYC / Northern NJ
  • Washington, DC
  • Fresno
  • Los Angeles
  • Orange County
  • San Diego
  • Portland
  • Detroit
  • Chicago
  • Minneapolis

Next, the location must meet our standards for foot traffic and customer demographics.

While many types of businesses and venues are considered, convenience stores (c-stores), quick service restaurants, and liquor stores are almost always approved and make up about 75% of our target.

These types of businesses are desirable for several reasons:

  1. Customers frequently make spur of the moment (impulse) purchases which are likely to be influenced by our digital content.
  2. These stores sell national brands, which enables us to contract with those national companies to run advertising on our network.
  3. These stores generally have exceptionally high foot traffic.

To find out if your business qualifies, fill out an information request form or call 973 744-2900.

There Are Four Ways to Grow Your Business…

Our digital PoP advertising system helps with three of them.

First, here are the four ways to grow your business:

  1. Get more customers
  2. Increase the average transaction size
  3. Increase the frequency of repeat business
  4. Develop additional revenue streams

While our in-store digital display system isn’t likely to attract new customers, here’s how it helps:

Increase the average transaction size

Whenever possible, our system will display ads for the products and brands you carry in your store. So when customers are browsing or standing in line and see an ad, they’ll be encouraged to make impulse purchases right on the spot, resulting in increased sales for you.

Increase the frequency of repeat business

In addition to advertising, our screens show compelling and entertaining programming. Let’s face it, nobody likes waiting in line. But if something holds your attention and keeps you occupied, the wait doesn’t seem so long or annoying. Since the checkout process is the end of the customer’s transaction, you don’t want them to leave your store feeling stressed and aggravated. Keep them entertained while waiting in line, and you’ll have happier customers. And a happy customer is a repeat customer.

Develop additional revenue streams

When we install our digital advertising display in your store, we pay you $100/month. If your business is large enough to support additional screens, your payment increases. For example, a supermarket with three zones will be paid $18,000 over the five year contract.

All this at no cost to you.

PoS digital advertising: Effortless income. Increased sales. No cost to you.

If you’re a business owner, you may be eligible to increase your income by $6,000 or more, with absolutely no cost or effort on your part.

If your business matches our demographic requirements, we’ll install one or more of our displays and pay you $100/month per zone for 5 years.

If you have multiple locations or a larger single location, you stand to make a lot more.

In subsequent posts, we’ll explain the benefits both you and your customers will enjoy once our dgitial advertising system is installed in your business.

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