There Are Four Ways to Grow Your Business…

Our digital PoP advertising system helps with three of them.

First, here are the four ways to grow your business:

  1. Get more customers
  2. Increase the average transaction size
  3. Increase the frequency of repeat business
  4. Develop additional revenue streams

While our in-store digital display system isn’t likely to attract new customers, here’s how it helps:

Increase the average transaction size

Whenever possible, our system will display ads for the products and brands you carry in your store. So when customers are browsing or standing in line and see an ad, they’ll be encouraged to make impulse purchases right on the spot, resulting in increased sales for you.

Increase the frequency of repeat business

In addition to advertising, our screens show compelling and entertaining programming. Let’s face it, nobody likes waiting in line. But if something holds your attention and keeps you occupied, the wait doesn’t seem so long or annoying. Since the checkout process is the end of the customer’s transaction, you don’t want them to leave your store feeling stressed and aggravated. Keep them entertained while waiting in line, and you’ll have happier customers. And a happy customer is a repeat customer.

Develop additional revenue streams

When we install our digital advertising display in your store, we pay you $100/month. If your business is large enough to support additional screens, your payment increases. For example, a supermarket with three zones will be paid $18,000 over the five year contract.

All this at no cost to you.

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