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Point of Purchase digital advertising displays

Frequently asked questions

Q. How will this integrate into the daily operations of my store?

A. The installation is simple and non-disruptive. The wireless units require only a power source, and the rest is done remotely. This means no physical content loading. The machines' operational capacity is managed remotely as well.

Q. How is the sound activated on the unit?

A. The sound is motion activated and designed to be non-disruptive to your clients and staff. Sound can be turned off completely if you so desire.

Digital advertising is a win-win. You get guaranteed passive income and enjoy increased sales opportunities, while creating a more positive customer experience.
With digital advertising, you get guaranteed passive income and increased sales opportunities while creating a more positive customer experience — with no cost or effort on your part.
Q. What kind of ads will be running on the screens?

A. Predominantly National Branding elements and product specific to those typically offered in your store, thereby increasing sales of these products. Other content includes engaging and entertaining as well as informative programming such as news and weather, of course specific to the location of the store. All content is screened for appropriateness before being distributed to each location.

Q. What if I have existing advertising relationships within my stores?

A. We have included in our application a section which specifies any existing relationships be stated, and we will not only honor those, but give preferential treatment to such advertisers. This only increases the strength of that relationship!

Q. What happens if the unit is vandalized?

A. In the event a unit is rendered non-operational, we will immediately be aware through our remote connection, and coordinate the drop shipping and installation of a new unit for your location. This not only assures our advertisers of the continuity of their ad impressions and your consumers the informative and engaging content, but the flow of your ad generated revenue!

But wait...

We don’t have cable, DSL or a computer network...
That's okay. Our display systems use a nationwide high-speed wireless data network. All we need is a standard electrical outlet.

We don’t have the space...
Not a problem. Our in-store advertising displays are ceiling or wall mounted and do not interfere with shelf or inventory space.

I already have advertising on my walls...
Consumers are turned off by most advertising - especially stationary ads. Our mix of content AND ads makes all the difference.

I can’t commit to a 5 year term...
Most of our contracts with advertisers are 24 months, so we need to ensure the display systems (venues) advertisers want to reach will remain in place for the duration of the contract. Also, we make a substantial investment in the equipment, installation and maintenance. When you think about it, five years isn't really such a long time - you probably have longer leases on your space or equipment.

I want more than $100 per month (per zone, per location)...
We have costs (capital, installation, ad sales, technology, content updates). This is the most we can offer based on our business model.

I need control over the advertising...
You can exclude brands and/or content based on contractual relationships and products sold. If you have existing agreements, our advertising will enhance your arrangement and strengthen the relationship.

I need to be able to advertise my own store or products...
A retailer can run an ad IN LIEU of receiving the $100 per month.

If you have other questions or concerns,
please call 973 744-2900 and we'll be happy to address them.

Ideal locations for our digital advertising displays include convenience stores, grocery and supermarkets, liquor stores, bars and nightclubs, restaurants (including fast food establishments), malls and outlets, health and fitness clubs, airports, bus and train stations, stadiums and arenas, hotels and motels, convention centers, movie theaters, bowling alleys, and general retail.

While we primarily focus on clients in NYC, Long Island, and Northern and Central NJ, we also service national accounts and venues in other cities currently supported by the DCSI network. Please call us at 973 744-2900 for details.